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Battlefield LIVE Combat

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  • Operation “B-Day” Party

    (All sessions require proper attire and covered shoes, gaming gun and fresh hat supplied)

    Operation “B-Day” Party

    Option 1. $400  “Full Throttle Pack”

    2 Hours (90+ minutes of play/briefings)
    10 Scorpion/Cobra Gaming Taggers ($10 each additional up to 20 total)
    One Mission Commander

    Option 2. $465  “Mission Pack”

    2 Hours (90+ Minutes of play/briefings)
    12 Scorpion/Cobra Gaming Taggers ($10 each additional up to 20 total)
    Low level battlefield with 30+ obstacles
    Special Gift
    One Mission Commander
    One Regulator/Medic (Minimum)

    Option 3. $525  “Squadron Pack”

    2 Hours (90+ Minutes of play/briefings)
    20 Gaming Taggers
    Low level battlefield with 30+ obstacles
    Special Gift
    One Mission Commander
    One Regulator/Medic (Minimum)



    The number of inflatables and obstacles depends on space availability.

    (Please allow minimum 90 minutes for setup.)


  • COMING SOON: Outdoor Field Deployments

    Outdoor Field Deployments

    At present, we're equipped to bring the battle to your location. We are also actively pursuing land purchase agreements to establish a permanent battlefield. More details will be made available soon.
    (All sessions require long pants and covered shoes, gaming gun and fresh hat supplied)


    Basic Training @ $25 pp

    2 Hours (2 x 30 min. missions)


    Regular Deployment @ $30 pp

    3 Hours ( 3 x 30 min. Missions)


    Veteran Deployment @ $35 pp

    4 Hours (4 x 30 min. Missions)



    Squadron Pack (Minimum 6 gamers)@ 40 pp

    Squadron Pack (10 gamers or more) @ 35 pp

    2 Hour session (2 x 30 min missions)
    Loot Bag for each participant
    Snack and Drink for each participant
    Camo Face Paint supplied


  • Operation “Special Event” Festival

    School Fundraisers

    With Laser Skirmish you can:

    • • Reward your class for achieving a mile-stone or having a successful year/quarter/month or simply launch a new school year
    • • Boost morale and school spirit
    • • Focus the class on new school incentives or leadership goals, eg for a new Senior Year.
    • • Develop an "esprit de corps" a common spirit of comradeship, enthusiasm, and devotion to a cause among the members of the school.
    • • Inspire a "Carpe Deim" / "Seize the Day" attitude.
    • • Unite disparate class, promote teamwork between boys and girls, teachers & students.
    • • Challenge your class to work together effectively and creatively.

    Including laser skirmish activity in school excursion activities makes sense. Exciting and innovative team activities are tailored for your groups' needs to powerfully illustrate the importance of strong teams, and a strong culture. The mixture of action and learning is developed to suit your team and your needs


    Sport team breakups

    Laser Skirmish is great for both end of season or pre-season celebrations. If you are the manager or Coach of a sports team then Laser Skirmish is a great choice as it is ideal for team bonding.
    If you are the President, Treasury or Secretary of an entire club, then Laser Skirmish is just the ticket. The sports team celebrations is great for junior teams, from under 8s through to high school players, and veterans groups.


    Company picnics and special events/ Fairs and Festivals

    Book Battlefield LIVE Bakersfield and have a laser skirmish at your next company function.  We set up in under an hour and can accommodate up to 200 individuals per hour through our inflatable battlefield.  Typically 20 players at a time.
    Please call for space requirements.


    Summer Camp Activities

    Battlefield LIVE Bakersfield is the "Perfect Camp Activity". Campers of various ages can participate and have unlimited fun. This is turnkey booking for Camp Directors.
    We arrive at your camp and will be up and ready in less than an hour. Camps do not need wooded areas since we come with everything needed to setup a great mission field in areas 20’ by 20’ to 200’ by 200’ [indoors or outside]. Our staff will equip the campers in a matter of minutes.
    We come with more than ten different missions that work with campers of all ages. Our staff can set up a program that will allow 50 to 75 campers to experience the game every hour. We can also set up missions for older campers that can keep up to 25 campers engaged and excited for over an hour.
    Our "state of the art" equipment can be used in bright sunlight or complete darkness. Laser Skirmish is a great staff team building activity. What better way to get everyone up and moving during your staff training? This is also a great way to bring the staff together as a team.


  • Operation “Teamwork” Corporate

    Operation “Teamwork” Corporate


    Battlefield LIVE Bakersfield is the best team building activity to get your staff motivated and working together. It simply is a great day out!

    • Reward your team for a job well done
    • Boost productivity and morale
    • Focus your team
    • Develop a common spirit of comradeship, enthusiasm, and bonding
    • Promote teamwork between different members of the group
    • Create a strong culture that can be adapted in the workplace
    • Challenge your team to work together effectively and creatively
    • JUST HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!

    Battlefield LIVE Bakersfield offers laser skirmish to a range of corporate clients. Corporate bookings are tailored to meet specific needs and packages can be arranged to involve team building tactics – Please contact us for pricing at 661-588-7410 or by email at info@bliveb.com.



Merchandise and Upgrades

Party Loot Bag with Dog tag @ $10
Dog Tags  (1 tag, chain, and silencer) @ $3 each set
Battlefield LIVE Shirt @ $15.00 each


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      Waiver of Liability - PDF

      Party Invitation - PDF

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