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Battlefield LIVE Combat


Q. Is Battlefield LIVE Bakersfield like paintball or indoor laser tag?
A. It has elements of both. It's an outdoor combat game like
paintball, however it uses technology that is similar to indoor
laser tag. The unique part of Battlefield LIVE is the accuracy
range and the anti-cheating technology.

Q. Is it safe?
A. This game is safer than most sports for the following reasons:

  1. No contact allowed.
  2. No projectiles (nothing shoots from the laser taggers except for light)
  3. No laser (the light emitted is perfectly safe and is similar to the infrared used by your TV remote control. Supervised play, all games have at least one referee monitoring the game.

Q. Does it hurt when you get "hit"?
A. No, only a harmless beam of infrared light is emitted from
the weapons.

Q. Can anybody play?
A. Yes, the game is open to anyone over the age of 6 years
old, male or female, fit or unfit; everyone can play to a level
that they find comfortable.  For festivals and corporate picnics,

the minimum age depends on their ability to hold equipment.

Q. What should I wear?
A. Camouflage gear is best or dark clothes that you don't
mind getting dirty. Loose fitting clothing also makes running
and moving around easier. Sneakers or comfortable
footwear is a must. Remember play is mostly outdoors.

Q. Can I play at my location?
A. Yes, Battlefield LIVE Bakersfield can travel to your location and set
up a great party, team building event or fun day. The location
can be indoors or out and at anytime, day or night.

Q. How do you win games?
A. Each mission has a different individual or team based
objective, some by eliminating the other team, others missions
are won by completing special mission objectives.

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