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This gun is great combination between compact design and huge firepower. The Commando fills the gap between the Spitfire/Scorpion and the Pulse/M4/M16's (heavy assault rifles). It features an adjustable stock so that a wide range of players can use this unit comfortably. By having a flat front end, this model is designed to work both indoors and outdoors. It has a metal construction with full trigger mechanism and Red Dot scope. Style: Carbine Distance: 100 + meters.

commandoleft viewright view

Rounds/Mag: 30 Range: 275' Height: 13" Magazines: 15 Weight: 7 lbs Length: 22"-28" There's no role that a Commando can't fill. It has a range long enough to snipe with, it is light enough to use in close-quarters battles and its adjustable stock makes it easy for anyone to use, from kids on up.


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